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“He’s mine.” requested by xalmanza

“Outlaw clubs do not keep their women in the dark.” | SONS OF ANARCHY

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“Most of the time, Gemma was the mastermind in the manipulation of information. The way she played Jax (and has played Tara, Clay, Unser, and others) to believe what she wants them to believe about the letters and the future of the club, has been transfixing. It’s a measure of how well Katey Sagal has modulated her performance that when she said this night, “Secrets are dangerous,” I didn’t laugh at the understatement — instead, I felt a chill at how well she’d kept her secrets.” [x]

“Gemma laid (almost) every card on the table before her son, spelling out the deadly sequence of events that began once Tara read the John Teller letters, was impressive. A lesser show tucks that information dump away for next season, or withholds a lot more than Gemma did. Yet in a way it was inevitable, as a means to bring this intense season and its explosive catalyst full circle. And bravo to Katey Sagal for delivering so much exposition in a speech that seemed not rehashed to informed viewers, and for portraying in Gemma an earnestness that barely if at all hinted at an agenda. [x]

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“Tell me you love me.”

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Tara: Keep that .38 close, bitch. You’re gonna need it.

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